Elvya (zonder) Dulcimer ~ Remember

Dit is dus het resultaat als iemand met een flinke bult talent en een prachtige stem garageband uitprobeert… Chapeau zusje!

Do you remember the day that life us passed
I remember us dying on the blue moon fair
Do you remember that silent, sacred place
I remember you flying to heaven, to space

Here we are now
Waiting for so long
Clouds are passing by
But I still can’t get along

Do you do you
Do you remember me at all
Haven’t seen you for so long
Even your bright face is gone

Meadows of heaven
Give me strength for I have lost
The will to rest
on the blue moon fair
Nothing can compare
To the tears that I have shed
I remember him dying on the blue moon fair

Dark is the night
Now you shadowed the moon
Blue moon shining bright
But I can’t see its light
It is fading into black (black black)

Do you remember the day that passed us by
The blue moon is shining on the fireflies

Now the time has come
I have to let you go
Us is me, and you no more
I have to walk this path alone
Alone is not my kind
But your life is out of sight

I remember
I remember
I remember

I remember him dying on the blue moon fair

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  1. Tellervo said,

    10 april 2012 bij 01:32

    Fantastisch!!!! <3!!

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