Ayreon – The Sixth Extinction

The Sixth Extinction

[1. Echoes On The Wind]

[Tom Englund:]
It’s the calm before the storm
It’s the quiet before the war
It’s the time when all will be decided.
[Steve Lee:] All will be decided
[Tom Englund:] If nobody hears the echoes on the wind

[Tom Englund:] It’s the end of the chain
[Steve Lee:] Destruction of the fittest
[Tom Englund:] It’s the end of our reign
[Steve Lee:] We’ve seen it all before
[Tom Englund:] It’s the end of man’s evolution
[Steve Lee:] The end of evolution
[Tom Englund:] For nobody heeds the echoes on the wind

[2. Radioactive Grave]

[Hansi Kursch:] Do you hear the sirens?
[Daniel Gildenlöw:] Do you see them burst?
[Steve Lee:] Do you feel the fire?
[Jonas Renske and Floor Jansen:] All the world’s a radioactive grave!
[Tom Englund:] I can hear them crying
[Bob Catley:] I can see the fear
[Jorn Lande:] I can see them dying
[Jonas Renske and Floor Jansen:] Washed away by deadly gamma waves!

[Hansi Kursch:] Do you hear them calling?
[Daniel Gildenlöw:] Do you see them hurt?
[Steve Lee:] Do you feel them falling?
[Jonas Renske and Floor Jansen:] All the world’s a blazing funeral pyre!

[Tom Englund:] I can hear the wailing!
[Bob Catley:] I can see the wrath!
[Jorn Lande:] I can see them failing
[Jonas Renske and Floor Jansen:] Washed away by a scorching sea of fire!

[repeat *]

[3. 2085]

[Jonas Renske:] Silence’s so loud, not a soul… left alive
Darkness’s a shroud
All our dreams have disappeared
They burned down… tree of life
Confirming all that we feared

[Bob Catley:]
Don’t give up, remember how we felt
Fire rushing through our veins
Now it’s the time to rise up from our hell
Now it’s the time to free our brains

[Steve Lee:]
The meaning of life is to give life meaning
Go too fast, move too slow.
Restore the balance between thinking and feeling
Open up and let it flow

[Jonas Renske:]
No side has won, struggle to… survive
Our quest here is done
All our hopes have disappeared
Our race will… not thrive
Time will not recall the year

[Daniel Gildenlöw:]
Don’t give in, remember all we learned
The spark of life if did ignite
We regained the rage for which we yearned
We regained our will to fight

[Jorn Lande:]
We must resolve this human equation
We’re already dead if we don’t try
To welcome challenge, genetic variation
Stop the machines, prepare to die!

[4. To The Planet Of Red]


[5. Spirit Of The Wind]

[Tom Englund:] He’s the last man alive
[Steve Lee:] Searching for the answer
[Tom Englund:] Knowing he won’t survive
[Steve Lee:] To the mystery of live
[Tom Englund:] Relives the past, and dreams of the future
[Steve Lee:] Dreaming of the future
[Tom Englund:] And soon he’ll set free
[Steve Lee:] And the sleeper will awake
[Tom Englund:] The spirit of the wind

[6. Complete The Circle]

Make us whole, migrator soul
Follow you home, complete the Circle
We must survive, restore our lives
The way I’ll show, complete the circle [x2]

[Hansi Kursch:]
Send back visions
Into the past
Of war and decay

[Floor Jansen:]
Hear the final cries!
I can see the fear
In a world without walls

[Anneke van Giersbergen:] Through their eyes

[Tom Englund:]
I see them dying
We have to teach them
Migrator soul

[Daniel Gildenlöw:]
We will gain our will to fight
We’re at the dawn
We found a way

[Steve Lee:]
I know we’ll make it in the end
Listen to the one man

[Bob Catley:]
We gave them language
What did they say?
What did they learn?

[Jorn Lande:]
We have no choice
We are the future
We are the pain
Complete the Circle!

[Steve Lee:] AH!!!!

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