Bruine bonen met saté

Straks eindelijk weer eens bruine bonen met saté eten, ERRUG lekker!

Ayreon – The Sixth Extinction

The Sixth Extinction

[1. Echoes On The Wind]

[Tom Englund:]
It’s the calm before the storm
It’s the quiet before the war
It’s the time when all will be decided.
[Steve Lee:] All will be decided
[Tom Englund:] If nobody hears the echoes on the wind

[Tom Englund:] It’s the end of the chain
[Steve Lee:] Destruction of the fittest
[Tom Englund:] It’s the end of our reign
[Steve Lee:] We’ve seen it all before
[Tom Englund:] It’s the end of man’s evolution
[Steve Lee:] The end of evolution
[Tom Englund:] For nobody heeds the echoes on the wind

[2. Radioactive Grave]

[Hansi Kursch:] Do you hear the sirens?
[Daniel Gildenlöw:] Do you see them burst?
[Steve Lee:] Do you feel the fire?
[Jonas Renske and Floor Jansen:] All the world’s a radioactive grave!
[Tom Englund:] I can hear them crying
[Bob Catley:] I can see the fear
[Jorn Lande:] I can see them dying
[Jonas Renske and Floor Jansen:] Washed away by deadly gamma waves!

[Hansi Kursch:] Do you hear them calling?
[Daniel Gildenlöw:] Do you see them hurt?
[Steve Lee:] Do you feel them falling?
[Jonas Renske and Floor Jansen:] All the world’s a blazing funeral pyre!

[Tom Englund:] I can hear the wailing!
[Bob Catley:] I can see the wrath!
[Jorn Lande:] I can see them failing
[Jonas Renske and Floor Jansen:] Washed away by a scorching sea of fire!

[repeat *]

[3. 2085]

[Jonas Renske:] Silence’s so loud, not a soul… left alive
Darkness’s a shroud
All our dreams have disappeared
They burned down… tree of life
Confirming all that we feared

[Bob Catley:]
Don’t give up, remember how we felt
Fire rushing through our veins
Now it’s the time to rise up from our hell
Now it’s the time to free our brains

[Steve Lee:]
The meaning of life is to give life meaning
Go too fast, move too slow.
Restore the balance between thinking and feeling
Open up and let it flow

[Jonas Renske:]
No side has won, struggle to… survive
Our quest here is done
All our hopes have disappeared
Our race will… not thrive
Time will not recall the year

[Daniel Gildenlöw:]
Don’t give in, remember all we learned
The spark of life if did ignite
We regained the rage for which we yearned
We regained our will to fight

[Jorn Lande:]
We must resolve this human equation
We’re already dead if we don’t try
To welcome challenge, genetic variation
Stop the machines, prepare to die!

[4. To The Planet Of Red]


[5. Spirit Of The Wind]

[Tom Englund:] He’s the last man alive
[Steve Lee:] Searching for the answer
[Tom Englund:] Knowing he won’t survive
[Steve Lee:] To the mystery of live
[Tom Englund:] Relives the past, and dreams of the future
[Steve Lee:] Dreaming of the future
[Tom Englund:] And soon he’ll set free
[Steve Lee:] And the sleeper will awake
[Tom Englund:] The spirit of the wind

[6. Complete The Circle]

Make us whole, migrator soul
Follow you home, complete the Circle
We must survive, restore our lives
The way I’ll show, complete the circle [x2]

[Hansi Kursch:]
Send back visions
Into the past
Of war and decay

[Floor Jansen:]
Hear the final cries!
I can see the fear
In a world without walls

[Anneke van Giersbergen:] Through their eyes

[Tom Englund:]
I see them dying
We have to teach them
Migrator soul

[Daniel Gildenlöw:]
We will gain our will to fight
We’re at the dawn
We found a way

[Steve Lee:]
I know we’ll make it in the end
Listen to the one man

[Bob Catley:]
We gave them language
What did they say?
What did they learn?

[Jorn Lande:]
We have no choice
We are the future
We are the pain
Complete the Circle!

[Steve Lee:] AH!!!!

Therion – Via Nocturna (classical, Miskolc)

Geniale uitvoering van een geniaal nummer, in de prachtige Hongaarse stad Miskolc. Dit inspirerende nummer van Therion word hier samen met een klassiek orkest gespeeld. Het resultaat is dit. Geniet!

‎[The Path]

Deep in the wood, in the dark, there’s a way
Follow this path and you’ll meet a strange crowd

In the forest you will meet
Silhouettes of your dreams
Dancing on the path you walk.
Things you have frightened
You now find so sweet.
On the path of darkness
Your wishes become real.
On the crossroad you will meet
What your heart desire.
Take a glance upon the shadows
On you see your face in them.
When you wake up you wish
You will sleep again.


Follow via nocturna and luna

Join the dance of hexentanz
And meet the mephisto.
Follow via nocturna and luna

All this fauns and weird companions
Moonstruck witches and their demons

“follow the nightway and become one of us”
So says the celebrants of the hexentanz.
They gather at bro-cken, on hills and the seas
Dancing to the flute of pan until dawn
They will show you strange worlds of the night,
Land of the moonlight and of dark memories,
Caress the lady who is leading the dance,
Know her name is lilith – the queen of the night
She tells you secrets in the form of the owl,
Open your inner passions and your desire.
“here in the wilderness we are really free
To do our true will and to be like the beasts.
Some call us barbarians and we are proud of that,
No passion is forbidden, no pleasure or pain
I can show you a paradise you’ve called a sin
We do our true will and call it arcady”

Via nocturna, the path of nahema
Via nocturna, will lead you to lilith and pan.

In the deepest forest
In the deepest dark
You will find the fire
And this secret path

When you wake up you will believe it was a wonderful dream
And that you never will caress the lady of the night again,
But you will at once if you enter the via nocturna.

DAF torpedo bij A. Jansen

Afgelopen maandag zijn Martine en ik bij A. Jansen in Son geweest, even gekeken of die mooie nieuwe DAF neus thuis was… Dat was ie niet, maar er stonden wel een paar andere leuke voertuigen! Waaronder drie oudere DAF neusjes…

Alle foto’s van afgelopen maandag vind je hier.

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